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P e r f o r m a n c e s

L e d a  M a r i a  P a p - N a g y as a harpist, was the principal harpist of the Romanian State Opera Orchestra of Timisoara and of several Symphony
Orchestras in Romania, Canada and in the USA. She toured with the Romanian Orchestras in Austria,  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The
Netherlands and the former Yugoslavia. She has also appeared as a soloist, and in chamber ensembles in Romania, Canada, Israel, Italy, and in the USA. 
As a composer, she has performed in Romania, Canada, France, Switzerland and in the USA.
At the World Harp Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, she has performed as a composer, as a music conductor of a harp ensemble  and also as a harp soloist.
As a church organist, pianist and choir director, Leda- Maria has performed in Canada and in the USA.
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