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 O r i g i n a l   C o m p o s i t i o n s

Leda  Maria  Pap-Nagy  composed her first piece at the age of six for piano. She has been composing since  then for piano solo, harp solo (her favorite instrument), harp ensemble, flute & harp duo and chamber ensembles.
Her compositions have been always appreciated by the public.
She received a Special Prize for Harp Composition for “The Tail of the Wind” at the International Celtic Harp Competition in Dinan, France.
Her composition “The Magic of the Water” for harp quartet/ensemble, was World Premiered at the "World Harp Congress" in Geneva, Switzerland, at the "Concert Tribute to Marcel Tournier”  This work in four movements was composed in memory of Marcel Tournier and homage to Liana Pasquali (Tournier’s, former student, Leda -Maria’s former teacher) and performed by the International Harp Ensemble founded specially for this occasion and conducted by L.M. Pap-Nagy herself.                             

*  Compositions of Leda-Maria are available on sheet music and CDs.
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