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B i o g r a p h y

       L e d a  M a r i a  P a p - N a gy


Presently resides in the Metro Detroit area, Michigan, USA. She plays harp, piano, and organ, as well as composing. As a harpist, she is a graduate of the Music University  of Bucharest, Romania, under the instruction of Honorary Professor, harpist Liana Pasquali, former pupil of Marcel Tournier of Paris.
Leda-Maria holds degrees in harp performance and education.


Her many awards include: Complimentary Diploma at the National Festival "Gala Performance of Young Concert Musicians", Romania; Prize at the National Music Festival, Romania; Prize as soloist and Special Prize for harp composition of the Regional Council, at the "International Celtic Harp Competition" in Dinan, France; Honour Diploma, as harp soloist at the “TIM” International Music Tournament, Italy.
She was the principal harpist of opera and several symphony orchestras in Romania, Canada and  the USA. Leda-Maria has taught harp and piano at the Renaissance Studios of Windsor, Canada, and at her private studios in Canada and in the USA.
She has recorded for CBC Radio and TV networks, and has released three CDs "Variety”; “The Tail of the Wind”; “Christmas with NagyDuo.”
She is part of the NagyDuo, along with her husband, flutist Elemer Nagy. 
Leda-Maria is a member of the American Harp Society.

R e p e r t o r y

Leda -Maria’s  extensive repertory focuses on classical standard harp works and original compositions. Her repertory is quite versatile, also including Celtic music, sacred music genres, popular hits.
Her repertory contains music from solo harp works, concertos, and chamber music to orchestra works.
* A repertory list is available upon request.


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