LEDA MARIA PAP-NAGY offers harp lessons on concert (pedal) harp, and folk (lever) harp for all ages and all levels in her private studio in Belleville, (Metro Detroit area), Michigan, USA. She teaches harp technique, interpretation/ phrasing, sight-
reading, music theory and music history. Classically trained, she has more than twenty years experience in professional harp performances and teaching.

Leda has four harps available in her studio for student lessons: two lever harps (Muma - Celtic lap harp and Webster - Laurel Leaf Column Classic harp), and two pedal harps: (Lyon & Healy - Style 15 semi-grand and Style 23 concert grand). The students can use these harps at the studio for private practicing also until they  purchase their own instrument or a rental harp. Harps can be rented from several locations in the Metro Detroit area.

Phone: 734 697-7633